Crime Blotter: Daniel Prude Update, Daunte Wright, and Adam Toledo

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Prude Family Sues Police Department

All That Death in His Life': Daniel Prude's Tragic Journey to Rochester -  The New York Times
Daniel Prude

Victim: Daniel Prude
Case update: Lawsuit against Police Department
The city and police officials in Rochester, New York are facing a federal civil rights lawsuit. The premise of the lawsuit alleges inhumane and racist police violence which had been taking place for decades. This comes a year after Daniel Prude’s death in hands of the police The incident sparked national outrage in regards to the use of force in Rochester.
The lawsuit revolves around the police response to the rioters in the subsequent protests that devolved into violence, looting, and destruction. The lawsuit alleges that excessive force of towards minorities without punishment from city officials as well as the department.
The document presented for the lawsuit is almost 100 pages and lists in excess of 50 incidents where they accuse the police force of abuse against people of color and went unpunished for the alleged abuse.

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Brief history of the case

Daniel Prude, 41, died after police arrived at a scene where he was acting erratically. He was nude and running around outside of the home.

Police placed a mesh hood on his head after cuffing him to prevent spitting.

This was after the family called the police out of concern for Mr. Prude. While detained, they proceeded to lay him down on the pavement where one officer proceeded to place a knee on Prude’s back. He fell unconscious and was taken off life support a week later.

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Case File: Daunte Wright

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Victim: Daunte Wright
Date of Incident: April 11, 2021
Incident: Shot by police during a traffic stop

Details:  The official statement by Brooklyn Center Police Chief Tim Gannon is, “He was pulled over for having an expired registration on the vehicle. When the officer went over, an item hanging from the rearview mirror was spotted.”
Several sources state he told his mother he was being pulled over for the air freshener hanging from a rearview mirror.
When a search was done on Wright, a “gross misdemeanor warrant” for his arrest was issued for failing to appear in court for the charges of having a firearm without a license and fleeing police officers. He also had a court date on August 2 of this year for Aggravated Robbery in the 1st Degree, charges to which he pled not guilty.

From Insider website

In the body cam footage, which will NOT be posted here, the officer is drawing a weapon and shouting “Taser” repeatedly, shooting, and then exclaiming “Oh, shit, I just shot him.”
Wright was seen driving away in the SUV for a few blocks and hit another vehicle, where he was found deceased.
Gannon backs his officer saying believes it was an accidental discharge.
Both Chief Gannon and Officer Potter resigned.
Potter’s first court appearance was April 15, 2021. She has been charged with second-degree manslaughter. This carries with it a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison. She was arrested Wednesday and posted $100,000 bond and released. Her next court date is set for May 17, 2021.
She is a 26-year veteran of the police force, and had a tenure with the negotiations unit.
Sources report she never had to discharge a weapon until the incident with Wright.

Writer’s Opinion: I do not believe he deserved to be shot. This entry in the crime blotter does NOT endorse the shooting of Daunte Wright.

Case File: Adam Toledo

Victim: Adam Toledo
Age: 13
Date and Time of Incident: March 29, 2021, 2:30 AM Incident: Shot by Police during apprehension
Police gave chase to two suspects:
Ruben Roman, 21
Adam Toledo, 13.
In video footage, Roman is seen discharging a firearm which had dispatched officers to Little Village. Roman, along with Toledo, fled the scene together. Toledo was seen standing an arm’s length away from Roman while the shooting happened. Toledo was seen fleeing with Roman. One officer was able to apprehend Roman, who dropped a pair of red gloves, which tested positive for gunshot residue.

Toledo continued to flee as an officer ordered him to stop. The officer then instructed Toledo to show his hands. “Drop it” was heard being said to Toledo as the boy turned to face the officer. In the video, you see Toledo with the gun in his hand in one instance and no gun three frames later.

The firearm was found a few feet from where Toledo was shot. When tested, Toledo’s hand was positive for gunshot residue. It was later disclosed that Toledo was a recruit for the Latin Kings, a prominent gang in the area.

Tale of 2 Videos

It is helpful when you can see an incident from as many angles as possible. What is not helpful is when the press engages in selective editing.

(I do not own the videos you are about to see. The do contain graphic footage.)

Exhibit A:
USA Today showed the video where Toledo was shot but edits out the three frames where Toledo was holding the gun:

Click here for link to source

Exhibit B:
It took ABC Chicago to have the frames USA Today did not.

Click here for link to source

Toledo was armed with a firearm identified as a 9mm Ruger, the same firearm that matches the shell casings recovered at the corner where Roman was witnessed to have discharged the weapon.
There was also a CCTV camera which showed an angle that makes it seem that Toledo reached behind a fence to retrieve a weapon.
This has not been confirmed.
His mother had him reported as missing on March 26, but she told the police he had come home. She did not report him missing a second time. When the police came to ask her for a picture, she thought they wanted a missing persons report, not to positively identify his body.

Roman was arrested and charged with the misdemeanor of resisting arrest. He disavowed having known Toledo and gave a false name in regards to Adam. He was released some time later.
Chicago Police say it was a split decision on the officer’s part.
Officer Eric Stillman’s attorney said the officer within the Police Department’s use-of-force guidelines. Stillman is on administrative duty until the completion of the investigation.
A watchdog group says Stillman had three misconduct complaints within a five-year span, two include improper search. However, there are no use of force reports which indicate Stillman had discharged his weapon before this incident.

Writer’s Opinion:
It is a tragedy when a young one loses their life under any circumstance, but one can’t help but wonder how closely the mother kept tabs on her son and if she knew he was part of a gang.
One can’t help but wonder what parent would allow their 13-year-old be on the streets at 2:30 in the morning.
When facing down a perpetrator that is armed, a police officer has a fraction of a moment to make a decision that will change their life, and the life of the perpetrator for ever. Sometimes the decision is in their favor. Sometimes it ends in a loss of life. When that happens, a determination of whether it was justified must be made.

Updates and trial notes from the Chauvin trial will be in a different Crime Blotter. We wish to give that one singled-out attention due to it’s volatile nature and the surrounding reactions.

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