The George Floyd Files: The Incident

George Floyd Photo: Wikipedia

During the evening of May 25, 2020, George Floyd was arrested by Officer Chauvin. In a video which lasted eight (8) minutes and forty-six (46) seconds, Floyd was cuffed, laid on the ground on his stomach, and Officer Chauvin placed his knee on Floyd’s neck. Pressure was applied via the knee. George Floyd died after pleading with the officer by telling him he could not breathe several times in the video.

In this blog post, I will provide transcriptions of anything said in the videos linked as well as descriptions of the actions. This is not a commentary blog post. This is a post on the initial incident. Be warned. These videos can be hard to watch.

This original footage via Youtube. It has been age restricted and a warning has been placed for sensitive content.

The following is the transcript:

:01 George: groans. Get some water or something, please. Please.
:06 George: cries out
:07 George: I can’t breathe, officer. *cries out*…unintelligible *cries out*
:19 Male Bystander: Brother don’t kneel on his neck, man. You can get off-
:20 Female Bystander: His nose is bleeding. Like, come on now.
:23 Male Bystander: That’s wrong right there. Your feet on his neck.
:24 Female Bystander: Look at his nose.
:25 Another Male Bystander: You got your knee on his neck.
:27 ^^^You got your knee right on his neck.
:28 George: groans Get off, please
:28 Male Bystander: Get off. This an arrest.
:28 Female Bystander: You having fun?
:30 George: groans I cannot breathe
:33 Another Male Bystander: You a tough guy. You a tough guy, huh?
camera pans
:36 Tou Thao: Looks to the people …unintelligible.
:37 Male Bystander: He a tough guy, not even resisting arrest, bruh.
camera pans back
:39 Female Bystander: His whole nose is (?)
:41 George: groans
:42 Male Bystander: You see there. He ain’t doin’ nothin’.
:44 Another Male Bystander: Put ‘im in the car.
:44 George: You kill me.
:45 Female bystander: How long y’all gotta hold ‘im down?
:46 Officer off-screen: This is why you don’t do drugs, kids.
:49 Male Bystander: Nothin’ ’bout drugs, brotha.
:51 Another Male Bystander: you don’ understand
:52 Female bystander: Y’all don’ gotta y’all (audio skips)
:55 Male Bystander: He’s human, bruh.
:56 Female bystander: his nose (trails off)
:58 Male bystander: Put ‘im in the car.
:59 Officer off-screen: We tried that for ten minutes.
1:01 Male Bystander: This some bum-ass shit, brotha.
1:02 ^^^: That’s some bum-ass shit.
George continues to groan.
1:05 Male bystander: Y’all know that is. Y’all sit there with yo knee on his neck, bro?
camera pans
The back and forth continues as one of the bystanders calling Chauvin a bum and saying he, himself, went through the academy and that the knee hold isn’t right.
George continues to struggle and say that he can’t breathe.
At around 2:50 Chauvin takes out mace and shakes it as he looks at the crowd. Thao steps between the officer and the bystanders as one of the bystanders steps into view. Thao motions to someone off-camera to back off. The camera pans to a woman walking up to Thao.
It is at approx 3:13 when someone in the crowd says George is not responsive. There calls to check his pulse. No one moves to do so. There are more calls to check his pulse with one bystander saying George is dead.
At approx 4:46 someone asks if Chauvin has killed George.
5:12 Someone appears with gloves on and bends over in front of George. The pulse is checked by another uniformed person.
You see an ambulance pull up at 5:32. People are asking Thao is he is going to allow Chauvin to kill George in front of him. There is no response from Thao.
At 6:17, Chauvin stands and allows the paramedics to put George on the gurney. It is evident that George is unresponsive as his body is limp.
Bystanders raise their voices at Thao as George is placed into the ambulance.
You can hear Thao argue with the bystanders. The voices are jumbled.
There are calls for a nametag.
At around 6:40 Thao is seen walking forward to push the crowd back. There is a man saying “Don’t touch me.” There is an argument and someone is heard saying “You went to him.”
The female is addressing Thao.
6:45 The camera pans to Floyd being placed in the ambulance.
You can hear the crowd say Floyd is dead.
The rest of the video is Floyd being loaded into the back of the ambulance amidst the crowd asking for the badge number and accusations of the officer killing Floyd.

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